Monday, August 25, 2008

Pedal Pushers -- Thoughts that spur me on while biking country roads

This morning I was riding my bike--very appropriately on Church Road--and pondering the fact that I'm way too isolated and insulated these days. I don't recommend self-deprecation as a great way to start the day, but that's where my head was at eight a.m. on this blue-sky day. As I was beating myself up for not interacting with my neighbors and not being actively involved in ministry over the summer, a mama raccoon darted across the road ahead of me. Two babies streaked behind her faster than I'd ever seen raccoons move. What an amazing visual...and answer to my whining! Rather than focusing on what I'm not doing, I need to chase after God with the same kind of desperation those baby raccoons felt. Like Psalm 42 says..."As a deer pants after the water, so my heart pants after You."

How often does my interaction with the Lord involve desperation for Him alone? A few tears whisked on the wind this morning as I cried out for more of Jesus.

If we seek Him first, ALL these things will be added...including serving.


Anonymous said...

yay you! i'm very impressed that you have a blog now. :-) i'll think about your first entry (the one line thing) and attempt to be creative.


Ausjenny said...

your new blogs looking good. and how cute the racoon and babies (never seen one live before)
will be back.