Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Since I last posted--five months ago--my father-in-law broke his leg, my mother had a massive stroke, our oldest son was diagnosed with liver disease, I started and finished another Heartsong and began a novella, and we were blessed with another grandbaby. I have stopped trying to figure out what God is doing with our family. He knows-that's enough. And we have seen his hand over and over.

Though I trust His will, I go through each day with the feeling that I should be somewhere, or be doing something, other than what I'm currently doing. Today, the day before Christmas Eve, is no different. Our kids from Missouri are coming in two hours. We've done less than a fourth of the usual decorating, I haven't baked or wrapped a thing, two beds are sheetless and two bathrooms need to be cleaned. I, and my list, are undone.

So maybe the last thing I should be doing right now is blogging. But something just dawned on me that I need to share: Even if I cross off everything on that list, it won't really be done. In minutes there will be new spots on the mirror and the clothes we're wearing will need to be washed tomorrow. I will never be able to say, "It is finished." Those words belong to only One. And those words make all this Christmas scurrying very silly. If I cannot accept the "undoneness" and rest in Him and what He accomplished, all that I do under the guise of celebrating His birth is senseless.

If you claim Jesus as your Lord, the most important work is already finished. Stop--in the midst of unwrapped gifts and unbaked cookies--to remember that the Baby in the manger completed His task. And that--not the ironed tablecloth--is what it's all about.

May you have a sweet and blessed Christmas...without self-imposed stress.


melbys said...

oooooh, LOVE this post and the encouragement it no doubt will be many including myself!

P31CrochetMom said...

This was so encouraging to me. I am so often overwhelmed by trying to do everything I think I need to do, to live up to my own expectations. Thanks for the reminder.

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