Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dream Chasers Has Arrived

The big brown truck that makes dreams come true pulled up in the driveway and left behind a box of pretty blue books. Dream Chasers, the second book in our Minnesota series, is now a touchable dream-come-reality. It's available through Heartsong Presents. (If you live close to Cathy or me, you can save postage.)
I'm still in awe that God allows me to do what I love and get paid for it. Not a lot, but enough for some fun things like Christmas and birthdays. Just this week I was able to give Bill a belated Valentine--a floor! )Take a tip from a romance writer--anything from Menards or Home Depot is the fast track to a man's heart.) He and our boys have finished off a family room in the basement, but, due to our new commitment not to use charge cards, we were going to wait on flooring. But a royalty check that I didn't expect will cover the cost. A Pleasant Surprise...which just happens to be the name of the Illinois romance we're working on now!


melbys said...

yay! so excited for your new book and can't wait to read it. i'm almost done with my current sparks book and need another one!

Becky Melby said...

I just may have a copy for you...but you'll have to come and get it!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Awesome, Becky!! Once they reach Amazon I'm all over them. Let me know when that happens, please!

P.S. The new flooring would be more of a hit with the female of this house. Hubby would probably go nuts over some mathematica software instead. LOL